A History of St. James’ Lutheran Church

Taken from History of the Allegheny Evangelical Lutheran Synod”  published in 1918 by Lutheran Publication Society, Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania.

Occasional  services were held here beginning 1846, when the Schellsburg charge was formed. Reverend Kast began regular services in 1852. A church building was agitated but not begun until 1853. The deed for a lot, sixty by one hundred sixty feet,  was granted by John and Catherine  Leighty to Conrad Ickes and Fredrick  Michtley, trustees, on June 25, 1853  for thirty dollars. The church, a frame  building, thirty two by forty feet,  costing eight hundred dollars, was dedicated in November, and a  congregation was organized that same  day. This church was used  until 1886. It belonged to the St. Clairsville charge from  1865 until 1869.
At a congregational meeting held on January 1, 1882, the following committee  was appointed to seek a location for a new church, viz: Adam Ickes,  N. H. Wright. Samuel Wright, D. W. Prosser and George Stufft. An article of agreement  was made April 1, 1882, for the present  lot between Austin Wright, owner  and the following council: Austin Wright, Isaac Wright, Adam Ickes, Samuel Whittaker (deacons) and H.  N. Wright (elder). The sum was two  hundred dollars and the  deed conveyed on May 20. The  cornerstone was bid on July 18, 1886  with J.M. Rice assisting the pastor, Reverend Gruver. At the dedication on February 2, 1887,  Reverend W. W. Criley of Altoona preached, and also Reverend Rice  of St. Clairsville.
The building is brick. thirtysix by sixtyfour feet including the spire and the pulpit recess.  The windows are cathedral, stained glass and memorial. The cost was four thousand dollars, a fourth of which was raised the day  of the dedication.

St. Peter’s, St. Clairsville PA

St. Peters is located at 175 Graybill Road in St. Clairsville/Osterburg, PA.  The organization of St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran church, St.   Clairsville, is contemporary with that of the Reformed church, before mentioned.   The congregation worshiped in the old log union church until 1871. Among the   early Lutheran members were the Riddle, Amick, Ickes, Sill, Imler, Garn, and   other families. The new brick church, commenced in 1869, was completed in 1871   and dedicated on the 1st of January. It is 32×40 feet in size and cost five   thousand dollars. The building committee were Abraham Moses, John T. Ake, J. W.   Berkheimer, Josiah Imler and T. W. Steiman. Board of trustees, Thomas Imler,   George B. Amick, Mr. Amick being treasurer. The church was built during the   pastorate of Rev. Jacob Peter, who has been succeeded by Revs. John H. Zinn and   John H. Rice, the present pastor. At the time the church was built the   membership was one hundred and forty; present membership about the same (1884);   number of Sabbath-school scholars, one hundred and twenty.

Sunday Services

St. Peter’s St. Clairsville, PA 9:00 a.m.

Messiah Dutch Corner, PA 10:30 a.m.

Occasionally we celebrate with joint worship services, which will be announced on the newsfeed.