Our Journey Through Lent 2012

Commit to a Lenten discipline of devotion, prayer and giving. Concentrate on prayer during Lent. Collect prayer requests, write them on slips of paper and fashion them into a paper chain, collect them in a bowl as a tangible reminder of the prayers.

Online Lenten Devotionals:

“In the Meantime,” Lenten Devotionals by David Lose, 2012. http://www.davidlose.net/

“Jesus Christ: The Only Man for this Mission” Lutheran Hour Ministries’ 2012 Lenten Devotions http://www.lentendevotions.net/

“Lenten Devotions” prepared by the people of University Lutheran Church of the Incarnation http://www.uniluphila.org/lent

“Walking to the Cross: A Lenten Devotional” by Butch Odom http://hopeandhealing.org/contentPage.aspx?resource_id=404